CSU-13B/P Anti G-SuitThe world’s most popular pilot jacketGloves, Flyers GS/FRP-2AviAdmin SOA PlatformProtecting Firefighters Health

CSU-13B/P Anti G-Suit

CSU-13B/P is commonly used in most of the world by various air forces. It is durable, strong and will typically add 1g of tolerance to the g-limits. The garments are important counter pressure equipment worn to protect against the physical effects of the extreme g-forces.

The world’s most popular pilot jacket

The CWU-36 pilots Summer jacket & the CWU-45 pilots Winter jacket were developed back in the mid 70’s to the U.S. Military, and was designated MIL specification MIL-J-83388A. It was made of a new Aromatic Polyamide fabric that was treated with a fire retardant substance and it replaced the former MA-1 jacket.

Gloves, Flyers GS/FRP-2

Lightweight Nomex® Aramid fiber knit gloves. Gauntlet style for extra forearm protection with fire resistant back panels and soft hair cell sheepskin leather finger and palm areas offer maximum dexterity and control. Gauntlet length gloves provide extra protection in combat and tactical operations where danger of injury from flash and flame could occur.

AviAdmin SOA Platform

Revolutionary Squadron Scheduling, Mission board, Operations and overall management system to handle all in Squadron requirements to successfully minimize daily operational workflow for optimum compliance and effective operations and at the same time gathering all associated within the squadron for a one stop source of everything.

Protecting Firefighters Health

Washing bags that dissolve in the wash are the future in the "clean firefighter" project. With ANTAC soluble wash bags, all clothing after use can be added immediately in a laundry bag and shipped to dry cleaning making further dealing with the harmful particles unnecessary.