Staff safety solutions from ZONITH

Indoor & Outdoor realtime
positioning on military bases

Discreet panic alerting is essential and nearly impossible in any confrontation situation. ZONITH’s personal protection solutions offer a variety of panic alerting, especially an ID cardholder with a panic button on the backside of it which any worker can use for panic alerting and it can be used both indoor and outdoor.

The ID Card Holders are positioned Real-Time inside buildings using ZONITH Bluetooth Receivers. If an employee goes outside buildings, the ID Cardholder switches to the employees Smartphone and do GPS positioning so the employee is always protected. The ZONITH solution uses Bluetooth wireless low energy (LE) for communication between the indoor receivers and the Smartphone and because of that, the ZONITH Bluetooth low energy devices have a several months battery life. The Alarms can be displayed on SmartPhones, PC based Alarm Displays, and as Pop-Up notifications on Windows computers. Alarms can also be escalated as remote alarms to remote monitoring alarm centers.


Controlcentral with full solution - indoor & outdoor maps, Alarm display etc.

The Interactive Alarm Display shows alarm statuses on PC monitors. The monitor can be located on the wall of the office or in a security room providing an easy, visual representation of alarms. Alarms can also be accepted, closed and cancelled, depending on the situation. A combined indoor floorplan display and geographical map display show the exact location of any employee no matter if he or she is inside or outside. When a panic alarm is raised, the location of the distress situation is highlighted with red shading. 

Escalation of alarms – Central Monitoring Center

In addition to sending alarms to colleagues or local guards, the system has an option to escalate the alarm to a security centre. The emergency centre can be internal or to an external security company handling alarms.

Positionable ZONITH ID Cardholders with panic button

ZONITH’s ID Card Holder ensures employees discreet panic alerting and positioning. The ID card holder acts as a regular ID or access cardholder but has built-in security features.

Massive alarm receiving and escalation possibilities

Receive alarms on several medias. Besides the control rooms own Alarm display, also receive alarms on Smartphone, Tablets, PC’s with desktop popup’s mass notification system, Radios etc. Also possible to escalate alarms to other Alarm Receiving Centrals (ARC)


Naval ships with indoor positioning of Radios

Locate employees using any always discoverable Bluetooth device, including DMR & TETRA radios, SmartPhones and the ZONITH Bluetooth ID Badge. ZONITH’S RTLS provides real-time
location data using strategically placed ZONITH Bluetooth Receivers connected to the ships LAN network

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