The world’s most popular pilot jacket The CWU-36 & CWU-45 pilot jackets are used in many Air Forces around the globe.

The CWU-36 pilots Summer jacket & the CWU-45 pilots Winter jacket were developed back in the mid 70’s to the U.S. Military, and was designated MIL specification MIL-J-83388A. It was made of a new Aromatic Polyamide fabric that was treated with a fire retardant substance and it replaced the former MA-1 jacket.

Several improvements and changes have been done throughout time, like modification to the stitching of the windshield, because concerns over the interference of the rear “action” pleats during a potential ejection etc.

The flight jackets can be found almost anywhere in the world. They have been first choice in most air forces for years and are commonly used by pilots operating cargo planes, flying trainers, helicopters and fighter jets.


MIL-J-83388E specs

  • Fire retardant
  • Antistatic
  • Sizes Small to XXL
  • Optional Country patches
  • Packed in sun deterrent bags
  • Highly durable
  • Battle proven

Sewn to military specifications MIL-J-83388 at certified factory in controlled environments and done with precision craftsmanship with the best materials specifically woven to the jacket to meet the highest standard. The robust and innovative design has been proven in service, and the product has now accumulated many thousand airmen work hours in varied roles around the world, and has proven its durability and comfort for decades.

ANTAC CWU jackets are an integral part of the company wider production capability which includes CWU-27/P pilot suits, Nomex pilots gloves, pilot patches etc. This enables ANTAC to be a 100% one stop unique supplier.

ANTAC offers flexible and configurable solutions, providing the ability to modify the products to suit the particular applications

Every jacket undergoes thorough and extensive quality control and packed and shipped in sun protected bags.

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