CWU-27/p Flight suit Probably the most successful pilots suit ever. Used by armed forces all over the world.

The CWU-27/p is used by airmen and special forces. This very popular suit is built to military specification FNS/PD 96-17 (MIL-C-83141A) and made of Nomex fire resistant material, 92% Meta Aramid, 5% Para Aramid and 3% conductive fiber fabrics.

The coveralls contain an anti-static finish and are furnished in twenty-four different sizes and three lengths (Short, Regular, Long.)

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ANTI-G GARMENT, CSU-13B/P. The preferred pressure equipment for airmen handling high performance aircrafts.

CSU-13B/P is commonly used in most

of the world by various air forces. It is

durable, strong and will typically add 1g of tolerance to the g-limits. The garments are important counter pressure equipment worn to protect against the physical effects of the extreme g-forces.

During high performance acceleration and extreme maneuvering, g-forces quickly influence a pilot’s performance and by that resulting in loss of consciousness (g-loc).

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The most used Pilot gloves in the world

Lightweight Nomex® Aramid fiber knit gloves. Gauntlet style for extra forearm protection with fire resistant back panels and soft hair cell sheepskin leather finger and palm areas offer maximum dexterity and control. Also great for tactical operations. No Melt No Drip protection. Gauntlet length gloves provide extra protection in combat and tactical operations where danger of injury from flash and flame could occur.

DuPont Nomex® brand aromatic polyamide (Aramid) fiber knitted panels are inherently fire resistant and will not melt or drip. Laundering does not
affect fire resistant properties. Perspiration resistant sheepskin glove
leather allows excellent dexterity and feel for tool, equipment, and
weapon operation. Stays soft and supple even after being wet or
laundered. Used by Pilots, Special forces and servicemen all over the world

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Also comes in a short version

Cold weather flyers glove

Excellent pilot glove for cold conditions with goatskin palms and fingers for better gripping. Made with Hipora fabric so they are breatheable and waterproof, also made of Nomex fabric for fire resistance.

Outer Shell: NOMEX™ IIIA Knit with Antistat leather – Digital Water Repellent Goatskin

Inside Lining: Non-Melt Anti Microbial Fabric.  Hipora Glove Insert / reathable / Waterproof 

Fire-resistant – flash fire protection